Hello we the team behind the project would like to take the time before we get into anything and say thanks for viewing and showing interest in TFA we really appreciate it!

So some of you might be asking the question what is The Forbidden Age? Well TFA is a online text based fantasy RPG created by Chris Day and Travis Kerr.

The original concept of the game was supposed to be a different theme, it was originally planned out to be medieval based rather than fantasy, I (Travis) already had quite a lot of the lore written in paper form, but we decided to push the project in a different direction and go fantasy themed as we had many more unique ideas for the game and the lore.

Due to our change of direction this meant we had to re-do everything, We are currently working on the lore and the programming of the game. Me and Chris are constantly talking about the game and are working daily to create something amazing for ourselves and hopefully future players.