Main Characters Lore

So today we decided it’s time for you to start learning the background of the many characters you will be meeting around the world of TFA, So today we will release a few details on some characters background not so much that you know everything about them so far, but just enough information for you to know who they are.


  • Please keep in mind that updates we show you below are not final, and details may be subject to change before the release of the game.
  • New information for features and lore that are still in-development will be added as it becomes available.


A’Nok G’Lul

A’Nok is the current chief of The G’Lul. He was once a pure and powerful Orc shaman from Zugarod, He is the first known Dûr Orc.

A’Nok, son of A’Noka was a pure orc, studying the ways of shamanism. A’Nok was a prince of Zugarod the orc capital. He was on his way to becoming a great leader and shaman, but A’Nok had a downfall he doubted his people and craved more power.


Erobane was a high council member of the Asha’Lak tribe, he was their most powerful champion. Erobane is the last pure born of his kind known as High born, they’re an interbreed between Humans and Elven kind giving them access to incredible powers.

Syndra Vigor –

Lost Queen –

Eroekin Felbane –

Rhasien Viede – 

Rhasien Viede is known as one of the Arach along with her brother Eroekin Felbane.

She is the human vessel of the water element, while her brother is the fire element. This occurrence is rare and has only ever happened once that we know of,  there also have never been two Arach to take physical form at the same time.

Agarés the dark demigod –