Main Characters Lore

So today we decided it’s time for you to start learning the background of the many characters you will be meeting around the world of TFA, So today we will release a few details on some characters background not so much that you know everything about them so far, but just enough information for you to […]

Update 1.0

Since this is going to be quite a big release of news we decided to call it Update 1.0, each time we have a lot of aspects of the game to show you we will try to release it in a sort of bundle. Update 1.0 Disclaimer Please keep in mind that updates we show you below are not […]

Shadow Hunter

Hello guys, we are happy to announce that we can show you one of the classes we are working on known as the Shadow Hunter. We hope you enjoy everything you see! Please remember that everything you read could change.


Hello we the team behind the project would like to take the time before we get into anything and say thanks for viewing and showing interest in TFA we really appreciate it! So some of you might be asking the question what is The Forbidden Age? Well TFA is a online text based fantasy RPG created […]